Girls at 2012 ASCA Nationals, Bakersfield CA

A great time was had by all three generations of Aussies!

Left to right:

Couloir:  4 years old WTCH VCH HTCH CH Lyrics Everready Black Ice Couloir GS-E, JS-E, RS-O, RN, NA, NAJ. 

This is Couloirs 3rd ASCA Nationals

2008:  1st preshow 4-6 puppys, 3rd nationals 4-6mo puppys
2009:  2nd Open black bitches
2012:  3rd preshow adv sheep, Qd  preshow adv ducks and nationals adv sheep and ducks, Qd advanced rally, 16th overall MV

  10 years old WTCH ATCH Legends R Made for Ewes AX, MJX, HTADIIs.  This is maddies 4th Nationals, past Nationals she has competed in agility.  In 2012 she qualified for agility finals, this was her last agility competition, 4th preshow elite gambles vets, Qd Adv ducks nationals.

Torridon:  5 months Aerie (Couloir x Robbie) Anything goes, 3rd 4-6mo blue merle bitches. Her first nationals, she looks like she will follow in her mothers footsteps.

This Nationals was a time to remember, a retirement and a new start, Maddies last nationals, she finished her WTCH one month later in AZ and is now retired to play ball, ski, and go for trail runs.

And a new start, Couloirs puppy Torri made her debute w/ aplomb, placing 3rd in her puppy class. She has a few years before she will be competing in stock or agility, but she is practicing at home.