Couloir - Gunde - Maddie - Changtse

Couloir is the most versatile Aussie we have ever seen.  She does it all!  Couloir earned her HTCH, AHBA herding trial championship in January 2013.  She also won BISS at 13 months and has earned her Herding and Versatility Championships.  To learn more about Couloir, either click on her picture to the left or go to her page:  Couloir's Page

Gunde is a jack of all trades.  He loves conformation, dabbles in agility, is thrilled with rally and is my sheep finder when the sheep get loose.  His first love is skijoring.  When at mushing races, Gunde howls along with the Huskys as a natural lead dog.  To learn more about Gunde just click on his picture to the left.

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Changtse was our first Aussie.  We got her for a running companion and pet from Selena Poplin and Terri Morgan.  I tried obedience but instead of coming straight to me, she added another obstacle:  around a tree, up the steps and jump off the bank.  Obviously she was bored so I started agility lessons with her and she loved it!  To learn more about Changtse, click on her page to the left.