My name is Ann Chernoff Allan, founder of Aerie Aussies.   My husband Reid and I are owned by 4 lovely Aussies and a small flock of Dorper Sheep.

Below is a view of Silver Peak.  We live in the Colorado foothills and are surrounded by beautiful vistas such as this.  It is the perfect place to live a full and active lifestyle with our Aussies.  We work sheep on the open range, compete in agility and conformation shows as well as hike in the summer and ski in the winter.  We involve our Aussie's in all aspects of our lives as we play in the beautiful region in which we live.

I acquired my first Australian Shepherd Changtse as a running partner and have never looked back.  This was definitely the breed for me!  Since that time we have proven ourselves as a team in agility, conformation and herding competitions.

We are proud of what we have accomplished as we believe that Aussies are a Versatile breed that can perform in all the events decribed above as well as being a loving family companion.  We are embarking on our next adventure with this wonderful breed as we have planned our first litter out of our stunning Couloir for 2012!  We plan to breed her to a male we feel will enhance her qualities while maintaining her strong Versatility we have come to admire.

We purchased our Dorper's for herding practice and realized we liked having sheep as much as Aussies!  So we now have a small flock that we tend with our Aussies on our property amongst the Colorado foothills.  The Dorper are the perfect breed for our climate here.  They give our Aussie team a great opportunity to work as stockdogs in an open field, the natural way as they were bred to. 

We will have some sheep available for sale this year.  If you are interested email us at hesperusaerie@gmail.com.

I thank all the breeders that have trusted us with their wonderful dogs and Dawna Sims who has been my stockdog instructor - I could not have done it without them!     Ann         

AERIE AUSSIES Bred For Versatility