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At Aerie Aussies we believe breeding Australian Shepherds that are versatile is a key to our success.  Our quality Aussies are bred to work stock all day then come in the house and curl up with their family - go for a run or stand still for grooming or perform in the conformation ring - ski in the winter - spend all day out in the snow or go to Phoenix and work stock in the heat.

We breed for strong Aussie temperaments, biddable and athletic dogs.  As Australian Shepherd Breeders that breed for versatility, we strive for a dog that has a calm working ability that can be a good family member but always have the stocking instinct that is the heart of the Aussie breed and what they were original bred to do.

We believe that preserving and enhancing the Aussies working ability is a tribute to this fantastic breed and is a strong asset to our breeding program that we are very proud of.

Australian Shepherds are not the dog for everyone.  Aussies are true athletes who enjoy having a job and will thrive with an active family that understands this and includes their Aussie in their active lifestyle.

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 Couloir At The 2014 ASCA Nationals MVA

Couloir picture above at the 2014 ASCA Nationals MVA; where she took 4th place in this prestigious event, competing in sheep, ducks, agility, rally and conformation over a week for 4th place out of 99 competitors! 

2014 ASCA stockdog finals; couloir qualified again for both ducks and sheep, she finished 9th in ducks

2013 ASCA stockdog finals; couloir qualified for both ducks and sheep, she finished 8th in sheep.

Couloir - Maddie - Torridon